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Favorite Superman
Christopher Reeves

Cos-play, gaming, reading, drawing, photography, listening to music and doing interesting things

Favorite Quotations
"Believe in Nothing then you are nothing" Akasha from Queen of the damned "Can't rain all the time" James Obarr Crow "it's amazing. the love inside...you take it with you " Ghost "Everybody Lies" Dr. Gregory House M.D. "Nothing is true, everything is permitted."-The Creed's maxim.

General About Me
I am Misty aka mistcaldeath aka gotik nurze aka Harley aka Elvira Goth and misunderstood. I am a very kind person and easy to talk to, so feel free to hit me a message. I do love to create artwork when I feel that creative side kick in. I currently work in the sales world and hope to get out and start my art/writing career. I write stories and poetry as a way to help my mind to relax from all the choas that I see in my daily life with people I know and complete strangers that I see walk by me. I have felt like a ghost or an outsider thanks for people in Columbia. So pardon me if I see off-landish but this is the result of criticism over so many years.

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