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Joe Kubert passed away today.  He worked for just about EVERYONE in the comics field and could draw, write, edit, paint ... really, he could do just about everything and did.

He was also the creator of great characters like Ragman, Tor and Firehair (as well as the 3-D process for comics) while doing what many consider the definitive versions of Sgt. Rock, two generations of Hawkman, The Golden Age Flash, and scores of other characters.  For a couple of decades, he edited a variety of comics for DC such as their war titles (where he stressed the message of "Make War No More") and books as diverse as Rima, The Jungle Girl and Arion, Lord of Atlantis. 

Joe also created the Joe Kubert School of Comic Book Art.  Opening this fully-accredited facility back in the '70s, he staffed it with professional artists and writers from the comics field to pass on their knowledge.  Previously, art schools taught the illustrative arts for commercial/advertising/fine art purposes, skills that found their ways into the comics field (even if they weren't always utilized).  From this school came talents such as Steve Bissette, Tim Truman, Jan Duursema, Tom Mandrake, Tom Yeates, Fernando Ruiz, and so many more.  In fact, two of Joe's sons (Andy and Adam) became instructors as well as top comics talents.

On a personal level, years ago, I transcribed Bill Schelly's interviews with Joe for Man of Rock, the definitive biography of the great man.  What struck me was that for all of his accomplishments, Joe ended the interview by asking Bill in all sincerity why a biography was being done about him, of all people.  If anyone was entitled to an ego, it was Joe Kubert ... but he was too good a man to have one.

When I look back upon all the best comics I've ever read, Joe's name could be found in many of them.  His contributions to the comic book field are legion and we are all the lesser for his passing.

My prayers of strength and comfort go to his friends, family, and his scores of admirers.

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We are a talented lot, we Super Friends.

Some of us act, we write, we draw, we take pictures, make movies, sew costumes ... some of us do more, none of us do any less.

And we all love FAN FILMS!

Here is an ongoing forum where if you want to make a fan film and need some help, ask your fellow Super Friends for some assistance.  If you have a talent you want to share, this is where you hook up with someone with a camera or some other talent.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have this screenplay to write.

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