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5/24/11 Update

I just received a confirmation e-mail that my fan films were delivered.  I submitted three titles.  For those of you in the know that number isn't accurate.  I am certain of one thing regarding the fan film experience.  I'm going to start sooner next time.


5/4/11 Update

I've finished one of the longer (5 minute) fan films.  I'll probably upload it tomorrow with the unlisted option on YouTube.  That way anyone who wants to wait to see it can have that option.  

The fun part is what happens next.  I'm working on a miniature set for my own special version of the Justice League.  I hope to shatter some expectations with this one.   I can safely say that there hasn't been a fan film like it yet that I've seen at MSC.


5/2/11 Update

Now there are 17 short fan films posted on YouTube--link is part of the 4/27 update.  Tonight I hope to finish editing one of the longer videos.


4/27/11 Update

So...I've posted 15 new, short fan films on Youtube.


Tonight we videotaped the first of three longer fan films.  Hopefully it will turn out well.  Stay tuned.



4/19/11 Update

Added a fourth Fan Film on YouTube:



4/17/11 Update

Added a third Fan Film on YouTube:




4/16/11 Update

Today I posted two new fan films.  They are the first in a series called "Really Bad Fan Films."  For now they are unlisted so you'll need to use the links below.

Really Bad Fan Film #1590



Really Bad Fan Film #39



4/8/11 Update

I'm hoping to get footage in the next week of the three major fan films I'm working on.  There are new actors involved as well as a familiar face or two.  I teased several months ago that I'd be putting the films on Youtube before the festival.  I still hope to do that, but I won't be putting all of the new films there before the Celebration.  I want to save something for the live audience.


So...I'm keeping the specifics of my fan films secret for the moment, but I can share this much.  I'm utilizing some of my Super Friends again.  Last Fall I wrote out numerous ideas for this year's MSC.  I even had some ideas pitched to me.  More on that later.

I've been a part of this festival for all four years...assuming my films are accepted this year.  The first year I won Third Place with "MARVEL Toy Story."  I don't remember if it was Tim or Lin that told me it was the first film they watched the night of the judging and they immediately watched it again.  The next year I was given the opportunity to make the opening video and I received a special award for my contributions.  Last year Tim presented me with an Inked Monkey t-shirt.  Again I was responsible for the opening video and I was part of the evening's opening sketch.  I sat in the front row and enjoyed seeing what everyone contributed throughout the evening.

When I've asked for assistance from some of my Super Friends they rose to the challenge and delivered excellent help.  And the truth is I wouldn't have noticed that Super Janet was wearing pajamas in the "I Believe" video if she hadn't kept laughing every time she appeared on screen.

One thing that I found very satisfying last year was walking down the street and being recognized by a fan film fan.  His name is Norm.  I remember it because of CHEERS.  I refer to his wife as Mrs. Norm because I'm lousy at remembering names.

The year before that I was recognized after the costume contest and asked to deliver a video message to a nice man's wife who didn't go to the Celebration with him that year, but was told she'd know me from the previous year.  I have no idea what his name is.  Remember...bad with names.

Making movies is a huge part of my dream life.  I'm a storyteller.  It's just that simple.  I spend a lot of time in my head fine tuning my ideas before they hit the page.  I love making movies.  And the biggest satisfaction so far is watching them, surrounded by like minded people who enjoy them, too.

With any luck this is my proving ground and bigger things will happen for me creatively.  But for now I'm thrilled to be part of the MSC Fan Film Competition.  I'm really hoping for a third banana this year.  I'm going to call it a Bunch if I can add one more. 


John from St. Louis

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