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Every year about this time, we all start rubbing our palms together in anticipatory glee.  And why not?  The Superman Celebration is coming up soon!

For those who've never experienced the fun for the first time, here's a guide to making the best time of your year even better.

(comments and other tips are appreciated)


A trip always presents an opportunity for things to go wrong and just one mess-up can ruin an entire weekend -- and for some people this is THE vacation for the family so there's only one shot to get it right.


Many visitors to the City of Tomorrow book their accommodations six months out and wisely so.  The closer the hotel to Market Street, the sooner they fill up.  You can't always hope that someone will cancel their reservation at the last minute.  Otherwise, you might wind up sleeping at the rest stop north of town or in the Wal-Mart or Sam's Club parking lots in Paducah.

Don't be surprised that the cost of rooms on the Illinois side of the Ohio River skyrocket over the weekend.  They know we're a captive audience and we'll pay.  Rooms across the river in Paducah are often not quite as expensive as in Metropolis, but one should also factor in the time spent driving and the gas being burned.

If your lodging offers a benefits card, sign up for it.  They're usually free and the points you earn for the stay you booked anyway can be redeemed for gifts and even future stays.  Also, for instance, the Wyndham Rewards card is good at the Baymont as well as the Super 8 and several other chain operations.  Thus, it's easier to accrue points as you travel.


Metropolis is junk food paradise.  Aside from several decent restaurants, the main strip is lined with vendors who'll deep fry just about anything from 'gator to snack cakes.  What you pop into your belly is the fuel that moves you from event to event.  While whatever gets breaded and boiled on Market Street tastes good, make sure you eat at least one balanced meal per day.  Load up on veggies and fresh fruit because that'll give you the most energy with the least fat and calories.

But most importantly, stay hydrated!  Drink a LOT of water because the temperature is usually in the mid-nineties with lots of humidity.  Carry water with you and refill that bottle often.  It's far better for you than any soda, tea, or coffee and more easily replenishable than sports drinks.

Frequently, one of the local concerns offers free bottled water for the asking.  However, most of the food vendors will carry ice cold water.  There are also grocery stores, convenience stores, and other places that will have bottled water.

Take advantage of the mini-fridge, should your room have one.  Stock up on food and beverages from the local stores (spread the financial love around locally, don'tcha know?).


Since it will be way hot and muggy, as much as possible, wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and a hat/cap that provides some shade.  Any exposed flesh should be covered in sunblocker (and don't forget your neck, ears and top of your head.  Also, don't forget the tops of your feet if you wear sandals.

When you go indoors, take off your hat and release the built-up heat since your head is where most of your body heat exits.

If you are costuming, drink extra water!  Many super-hero fabrics don't breathe so stay hydrated so you'll keep on breathing for years to come.


This is not a comic book convention.   The Superman Celebration is a local street fair with a little more geek oomph to it, but certainly no less enjoyable (for many of us, a LOT more enjoyable).  Expect to make new friends.

Getting opportunities to meet certain celebrities, mostly the media guests, may require a bit of inconvenience for you.  While you might find the process annoying, it is not unfair.  Also, you can get certain things signed for free, but not always everything, even if it's something you brought.  The list of what's what will be posted in the event schedule and usually on site.

Bring a bag for your autographables, water, and extra supplies.  You don't want to ruin your sketchbook by sweating on it, do you?

When getting something signed, have it ready to be signed by the time it's your turn.  This helps the already long lines to move just that much faster.

As soon as the event schedule is released, plan your itinerary.  Many of the Super Friends-related events (Bowling, Meet-And-Greet, Radio Re-enactment, Opening and Closing Skits) are on the official schedule so don't pass up a chance to hook up with us.  Any event not put on the official schedule will be posted here or on the Facebook page.

Don't forget that camera!  You'll want a record of the events and the people you share them with.  And let us know if you post them on Facebook, here, Twitter, your website, etc.

Remember that not all events can be paid for with credit cards.  Bring an appropriate amount of cash, but be careful about flashing your wad in public.  Keep some money in your vehicle or back in your room, just to be safe.

Travel with other people.  Not only is it more fun, they can watch you (as you'll be monitoring them) for signs of heatstroke. 

Know the signs of too much sun and heat!  If someone turns bright red, stops sweating, becomes disorientated or dizzy, and their flesh becomes hot to the touch, get them into the shade immediately.  An air conditioned room is even better.  Pour water over their head -- dignity be damned -- until they cool down.  Also, get them to drink some of what they're being doused with.  Be ready to summon medical help at the first sign of heat stroke.

Many costumers appreciate being called by the name of the character they are portraying.  You shouldn't call them by their civilian names unless you receive permission.  Many of them have worked up poses and love showing off so don't be shy about asking for a  photograph either alone or with someone.  On the other hand, some do not appreciate being photographed while eating, drinking, or even not in a casual situation.  "May I take your picture?" is a question that solves many problems.

If you host a podcast or want to spread the word about your website, bring business cards.  They're easier to carry around than a flyer.

Be a little more patient than usual.  Remember that everyone around you is hot, thirsty, and uncomfortable too.  A little courtesy makes everything better.

Remember that we are guests in Metropolis.  Let's leave it as nice, or better, than how we found it.  And be polite to the locals, especially the members of the MetroChamber who work hard to put on a great event every year.

Most of all, travel safely and have fun.

Any other ideas?

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