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Greetings Superfriends!

As most of you already know, I had to cancel my trip to this year's Metropolis Superman Celebration (MSC) and stay home on a short medical leave.  MSC is the highlight of my year, and I look forward to spending time with you all.  I had anticipated moping at home all weekend and trying to follow people's updates on Facebook (FB), but I knew some of you would text me occasionally or maybe send a picture or two on my phone. I have to say that my expectations were certainly exceeded by leaps and bounds.

I knew there would be a few people in town Wednesday night and planned to keep an eye on FB, but I fell asleep early.  By an uncanny stroke of luck, I woke up a couple hours later and checked FB at exactly the same moment Steve Kirk posted he set up his laptop and was logged in to Skype.  I was able to connect and chatted for a little while with a couple of the Superfriends.  MSC weekend was off to a better start for me than I had imagined.  After communicating via text message, FB and Skype that first evening, I posted a couple FB status updates, stating jokingly, "Watchtower is ONLINE!"  Thursday morning I changed my FB profile picture to a photomontage of Chloe Sullivan as Watchtower on "Smallville".  I made a few posts to my profile mentioning Watchtower, which received a positive response from friends.  I thought, "Hmmm???  Since I can't be in Metropolis, why not act as Watchtower and try to enjoy MSC via satellite, while pretending to report on Superfriends action in Metropolis???" 

Friday morning, I made my first post to the Metro Superfriends Group as Watchtower, reporting that the Bat-Boat had arrived, which I had actually seen in the new newsfeed on my personal profile.  I didn't expect that many people to really be paying much attention, but people started 'liking' posts.  Then people started replying in character to posts.  Other homebound Superfriends were following along with the posts.  As friends started uploading photos to their profiles, I asked to borrow a few photos to go with my Watchtower updates.  Then Superfriends started posting their own photos and updates from Metropolis to the group's news feed.  Once I realized how many people were really checking in regularly, I made the decision to truly become Watchtower, acting as a contact point for Superfriends looking for information about MSC events and Superfriends group activities, as well as posting info about MSC happenings to keep information fed to Superfriends who were stuck at home, like me.  I also checked in on this site regularly to post confirmations of group photo times and locations for anybody who might be looking for that info.  I knew that finding ways to communicate that info was a lengthy pre-MSC discussion.

I had an outlandishly obnoxious amount of fun being Watchtower, and I really appreciate all the positive feedback I received from so many of you.  That being said, I have to extend credit to all of you truly \S/uper friends for helping me make the Watchtower Experiment a success.  Yeah, I was the one doing a lot of the posting on FB, but I was getting my information behind the scenes from Superfriends.  If I texted, asking for info, you replied right away, enabling me to provide it online.  If I posted a direct request on FB, you jumped right in as part of the reporting team, sharing your info with the group.  You gave me permission to use your photos.  You got into character and played along.  You made it a fun and effective tool to keep in touch with each other.  I think the best response to the Watchtower Experiment that I heard all weekend was when an MSC attendee told me she found out about Danny and Heather Kelley's George & Noel Awards from Watchtower!  I had a great Superfriends team behind me, and I consider the Watchtower Experiment a major 'WIN'.  I am making a commitment right now to continue the tradition every year. 

I have captured the whole weekend of Watchtower activity into document form that I wanted to keep, kind of as my own MSC souvenir.  If you weren't able to follow along on FB, send me a private message with your email, and I will send you a copy.

Being Watchtower made me feel like I was there with you all weekend, and I love you guys for doing so much to help me still be part of this year's celebration.

Signing of as Watchtower until next year,

Kris Johnson AKA "soupey"

PS--I love my new phone beyond belief, and I'm relieved it didn't have a meltdown this weekend because I did 99% of my posting from it

The People vs Chloe Sullivan Tags: Smallville finale Chloe Sullivan Allison Mack

We're at the end of an era with the Smallville series finale airing one month from today, and the news that Allison Mack will reprise her role of Chloe Sullivan, sidekick extraordinaire, makes me very happy because A) I think she's a great character and B) Allison Mack is a great actress and a real class act.  Something that I need help understanding is the pretty strong division of Smallville fans into two camps:  pro-Chloe and anti-Chloe.  While it is true that Chloe Sullivan is a character who never existed in the comics, I don't get why comic book fans have traditionally bashed her existence as Clark's confidante on the show.

When the producers have hinted near the end of previous seasons that a major character was going to get killed off, the first person on the death-wish list has been Chloe because apparently it's sooooooooo offensive to comic fans that she ever existed in the first place.  She's not part of the original mythology.  Clark's best friend and confidante was always Pete Ross.  Why did they make up a new character?  I say, "Why NOT?"  It's fiction, folks.  It's a television show telling a different version of Clark Kent's youth.  Why is it such a stretch to believe that Clark could have had other friends, besides Pete and Lana?  If every incarnation of Clark Kent/Superman was written the same way, with the same cast of characters, with the same background story, we'd all be pretty bored with it by now, right?  To most Smallville fans, Lionel Luthor is the best thing since sliced bread...and he was created for the show, just like Chloe was.  It's a bit hypocritical to praise one character and bash the other.

I think it's pretty funny, too, that some of the major components of the Superman mythology that are generally accepted as 'original' were not first introduced in the comics.  Perry White?  Created for the radio show.  Jimmy Olsen?  Created for the radio show.  KRYPTONITE???  Yup, radio show original.  Ursa?  Created for Superman: The Movie and didn't make her comic debut until 2007. The power of flight?  Created for use in the Fleischer Brothers animated films.  So many Superman characters and concepts that we take for granted as having been a part of his story since the early days of comics weren't part of the comics until introduced as a result of their creation for other media ventures.  I wonder if comic fans back in the good ol' days were as opinionated about new additions and alterations as Smallville detractors have been towards Chloe's role on the show.  And now that Chloe has been officially inducted into the world of comics, will she eventually, given enough time and exposure, become an accepted part of Superman's world?  Where do you all stand on the issue?


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